Welcome to Chat Languages!

Our new courses will start in October 2019, and sign-ups are now OPEN! To learn or improve your Dutch, Spanish, German, Mandarin Chinese or Arabic, click here. Ten weeks of classes, starting in October, for only €40! To find out which courses we are offering, visit our “Language Courses” page. For any questions or additional information, please send an email to chatlanguagesgro@gmail.com.
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Chat Languages stands for learning languages through conversation.

Conventional language learning as we know it from high-schools, universities, and most language schools, focuses on grammar, vocabulary, and reading. Oftentimes this leaves students frustrated and demotivated, even though being interested in learning a language and sitting through tedious years of schooling. Most students would still pass their exams, but yet not acquire the ability to hold a basic conversation.

Due to neglected focus on conversational learning, most students are not confident enough to make mistakes and apply their knowledge in daily life.

What remains to be done? It’s simple: actual engaging in speaking the language. We offer what is missing in the traditional classroom: Conversational classes, guided by native speakers who focus on intercultural exchange and a mutual sociable atmosphere instead of teacher-centred teaching. Students who are motivated to learn a new language, improve or sustain their level of speaking, will find their perfect supplement.

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